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Snow Adventures tour

Route: Murmansk - Kirovsk - Lovozero

Program is available after 20th December

  •  Upon arrival to Murmansk airport our guide will meet you at the airport with further transfer to Murmansk (35 km) which will take approximately 30 - 45 min. 

    You will have lunch which will be followed by city tour where you can visit:
    -  The Unknown Soldier Monument which honors all the fallen during World War II and protects our land.
    -  Murmansk Lighthouse and “Savior on the Water” church - a set of monuments which represents human values with an amazing view over the city. 
    -  “The Yearning Lady” monument - a quiet and peaceful place with its rich history of foundation and symbol of hope and trust.

    City tour ends with al visit to the atomic icebreaker Lenin museum - once a great marine vessel now proudly stands in our port to let people feel  themselves out on the journey.

    You will have dinner and check in at one of our hotels. Get ready to discover one more of our wonderful features - Aurora hunting. Put on all of your warm clothes and get ready to wonder out in our hills. Wild nature along with stunning site of northern night sky will show you the true face of northern world.

    Aurora hunt ends at about midnight and you are back to your hotel by 00:30.

  • Breakfast in the hotel. Tip: make yourself a couple of sandwiches because next is a 4 hours transfer Murmansk - Kirovsk (235 km)

    Kirovsk is a town located in the very heart of Kola peninsula and has extreme natural combination due to it’s location having mountains on one side and lake “Big Woodyavr” with river “The White” on the other side.
    Kirovsk is well known among those who love to go skiing, snowboarding and riding snow scooters. Every winter thousands of people come here to our mountains “Hibins” to enjoy these energizing sports. 
    Here you can ride snowmobiles after a quick safety instructions. 
    *In groups if more than 18 people.

    It will be a picturesque, quick and safe route with an amazing view over Hibins and the town.
    After the ride it is time to calm down and have warm and restoring lunch.
    Next is snow village. Do not forget to take warm clothes!

    Snow village is a set of wonderful activities that you can experience at no other place. Ice sculptures museum is opened for you to take pictures and see something you have never seen before. Best master from our region come here every year in order to show their “crazy chainsaw” skills. Yes they make sculptures using a chainsaw! Those of you who might want to take part in that can also try themselves making a snow sculpture. 

    Only here you can ride down the hill on on a huge doughnut or go skiing and snowboarding. 
    There are many other activities that people do:
    - Different snow games
    - Choir singing
    - Light show

    After all the activities you will check in at your hotel and go aurora hunting.
    Good luck!

  • Good morning and welcome to have breakfast. We are checking out and heading to husky farm with a transfer from Kirovsk to Lovozero (175 km)

    We are heading to Lesnaya  Elan’ - the most famous in the north saami village. It is a settlement which still lives following the old traditions and rules having very strong relationship with nature and wilderness.

    - Husky safari - ever wanted to ride a dog sledge? Hold tight! You will be riding 2 person at the time in the forest. (1,5 km)
    - Reindeer sledge - If you are not fond of dogs, then you can surely trust a reindeer. You will be riding 3-4 person at the time around a lake. (800 m)
    - Saami settlement - see how saami lived here long before Murmansk was founded and figured out how to live in peace in conditions of cold and aggressive northern nature.
    - Saami folklore concert - there is no better way to learn someone’s culture if not on a show. Traditional dresses, dancing, singing and poetry will give you an unforgettable flow of emotions and let your mind to see ways of saami.

    You will have lunch during your stay at Lesnaya Elan’. 
    Lunch menu:
    - Scandinavian fish cream soup
    - A set of reindeer or pork main course with rice
    - Northern berries pie and arctic herbal tea.

Make sure you didn’t forget anything in your hotel room before checking out.
Transfer to airport (180 km) will take 2-2,5 hours. While waiting for your plane you will have dinner before taking off to Moscow or SPB. Thank you for visiting us and good luck further!

*Company keeps the right to change the program route according to weather conditions and tourist objects working days.

**Program can be changed upon both sides agreement.

*** 3 full days program with an evening flight on 3d day.

Recommended flights for arrival:
SU 1320 Murmansk - Moscow 
FV 6341 Murmansk - St. Petersburg 

Recommended flights for departure:
FV 6346 Murmansk - St. Petersburg 
SU 1317 Murmansk - Moscow

10-15 person will have Mercedes Sprinter.
20-40 person will have Utong, Scandia, Volvo.