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Aurora Hunting

  • We offer you a sightseeing tour of the city of Murmansk.

    In three hours you will plunge into the past of the city. You will find out when and why it was founded, what events took place in it from 1912 to the present, and what it and the residents had to overcome so that we would now live, work, study in this wonderful place. Most of the monuments are located on a hill, where a beautiful panorama of the city opens!


    - Place of the city establishment;
    - Monument to the Victims of Intervention;
    - The memorial complex "Sailors who died in peacetime";
    - Monument "Waiting Lady";
    - Monument to "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War" (Alyosha);
    - Icebreaker "Lenin"; *
    - Local Lore Museum *
    Duration: 3-4 hours

    Type of tour: group / individual

    Period: year-round

    Included in cost:

    - transport service;
    - excursion service;
    - admission ticket;
    - food (optional).
    * - The price is valid for a group of 2 people (adult)
    ** - When recruiting a group, the trip is possible on any day.
    *** - Program changes are possible at will.


  • Teriberka is an amazing village on the Barents Sea shore, where fascinating landscapes open up, where the sound of the waves is breathtaking, where every meter of amazing nature is filled with life and the edges are erased.
    Previously, it was a closed village. Now anyone can come and see the nature and local sights.
    The village of Teriberka of the Murmansk region was included in the top 20 popular tourist destinations according to the NationalGeographic magazine.


    - Departure from the city of Murmansk, transfer to the village of Teriberka
    - The artillery battery of the World War II. The battery existed from the 1930s to the 50s, protected the coast, covered shipping and fishermen who went on coastal fishing;
    - XX century Ship cemetery 
    - Teribersky waterfall from the Small Battery Lake. The waterfall is located between the rocks, but you can go down the left side to the place where it flows into the sea. It is here that is a favorite place for tourists to swim.
    - Return to Murmansk
    Duration: 1 day (9 hours)

    Period: year-round

    * Upon request, any date is possible!
    Type of tour: group / individual

    Cost: adult - 3500 rub. *, Children under 14 years old - 3300 rubles.
    * The price is valid for a group of 3-4 people (adult)
    Included in cost:
    - transport service along the route;
    - guide services.


  • The Sami village of Sam Syyt is an excellent choice for travelers who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, for a couple who dream of spending an unforgettable weekend, and it is also the perfect option for any company.

    In the midst of Russian nature, in the depths of the Kola Peninsula, on the shores of lakes, a Sami village hid, preserving the life of the ancient Sami peoples for centuries. Deers, snowmobiles, ATVs, fishing, ancient totems, kuwaks and just a good friendly atmosphere: everyone will find what they are looking for here!


    - acquaintance with the history, culture and life of the Sami
    - a tour to the settlement, a visit to the corral with deers and a mini zoo (husky, polar foxes, arctic foxes, rabbits)
    - feeding deer 
    - traditional games: Pole Pull, Deer and Wolves, Sami Football
    - riding reindeer sledge and snowmobiles (in winter), ATVs (in summer)
    - photographing in national Sami clothes
    - the acquisition of amulets and crafts of masters of traditional creativity
    - lunch (soup, tea, bread)
    Tour Duration: 3 hours + transfer

    Period: year-round

    * - it is possible to conduct an individual tour on any day

    Included in cost:

    - transport service
    - excursion service
    - lunch
    - outdoor activities
    * - the cost is indicated when recruiting a group of 6 people.

    Adult - 3000 rub *, child - 2600 rub *


  • In the usual understanding of people, the word "Hunting" is associated with the extraction of animals and birds.

    And we offer you a royal hunt for one of the most beautiful natural phenomena!

    Probably everyone in childhood wanted to see the Northern Lights. It is undoubtedly included in the must-see list of each person. But the Northern Lights, as nature in general, are unpredictable. Therefore, in order to fulfill your dream, we offer a hunt for the Northern Lights!

    Aurora borealis can be seen in winter, since nights at this time of year are much darker, a wonderful glow becomes more noticeable. The most impressive Aurora Borealis occurs during periods of highest solar activity. It is best to go out of town on a frosty, clear night between October and January. The sky should be cloudless. Otherwise, the clouds will hide all the beauty. After all, the very phenomenon of the northern lights originates in the upper atmosphere.

    The intensity of the northern lights directly depends on the activity of the sun. Especially bright and extensive aurora borealis can be observed during the maximum of the solar 11-year cycle.

    During the northern lights, a huge amount of energy is released, it can last from several minutes to several days.

    From ancient times, the Northern Lights attracted people with its mysterious light,many legends developed about it. In the east, there is a belief that one who has ever seen the Northern Lights will live happily ever after the rest of his life.

    Currently, we are well aware of the nature of the aurora borealis and even learned to predict its appearance. Aurora borealis is the effect of the collision of the solar wind with the magnetic field of the earth. If the solar wind is strong enough, then we can observe the result in our visual spectrum.

    2000 rub